Very positive. My property manager is excellent to deal with; responsive when I have requests...

17 Oct 2017

15 Oct 2017

Professional, efficient & attentive.

13 Oct 2017

Lovely real estate service, have always responded to our queries great or small at a...

11 Oct 2017

I am extremely happy with the professional service that I get and receive from Baxton....

9 Oct 2017

7 Oct 2017

Very good so far!

5 Oct 2017

It has been really great. When we applied for the property the response was prompt...

3 Oct 2017

Very satisfied

1 Oct 2017

Easy going, straight forward, friendly, helpful and professional.

29 Sep 2017

Straight forward, friendly, responsive and professional.

27 Sep 2017

As tenants we are happy to say that they provide the most professional service available....

27 Sep 2017

Great! Awesome Property Managers

25 Sep 2017

Positive. Professional and friendly service.

23 Sep 2017

Very happy with the experience.

21 Sep 2017

I Highly recommend Baxton Property Management either as a landlord or tenant.  After selling my...

21 Sep 2017

Spot on

19 Sep 2017

Our experience with Baxton, so far, has been really good. If we have had any...

17 Sep 2017


16 Sep 2017

15 Sep 2017

Always prompt in returning calls and super efficient with managing our investment property

14 Sep 2017

Great satisfaction, polite and get things done when required.

13 Sep 2017

Very reliable service provided, regular checks of my properties, great follow up on maintenance items.

12 Sep 2017

From my point of view, Baxton is one of the most professional and caring agency....

11 Sep 2017

In all my years of using property managers, Baxton is by far the best. Thank...

10 Sep 2017

Saving the environment by staying paperless.

9 Sep 2017


8 Sep 2017

No issues at all, only contact me when needed, handle everything, which is good because...

8 Sep 2017


7 Sep 2017

Very easy which is exactly what I want with a property manager

6 Sep 2017

5 Sep 2017

4 Sep 2017

Efficient and thorough

3 Sep 2017

Baxton provide a great service, they are proactive in addressing issues and maintain a good...

2 Sep 2017

Prompt, genuinely helpful and with a positive attitude towards any matters.

1 Sep 2017

Yep, you’re worth the price! You’ve proved to be a great investment and you have...

1 Sep 2017

Very helpful and professional

31 Aug 2017


30 Aug 2017

Seamless and professional

29 Aug 2017


28 Aug 2017

Great communication skills. Professional, timely. No headaches.

27 Aug 2017

Very satisfied with everything. The new way apply with online system and also the inspection...

26 Aug 2017

All good.

25 Aug 2017

Great, very professional. I like being able to keep in contact by email. No issues...

24 Aug 2017

We have had a fantastic experience with this team - first as renters and then...

23 Aug 2017

Highly professional, promptly address queries and concern as well as extremely supportive.

22 Aug 2017

Excellent. Matters always handled in a highly professional and timely way. An excellent interface between...

21 Aug 2017

They don't interfere with me unless they have to. I do like to live in...

20 Aug 2017

We find the company very efficient & friendly

19 Aug 2017

Friendly and courteous

18 Aug 2017

Very professional to deal with and very responsive. Vigilant with inspections and maintenance requests. Highly...

17 Aug 2017

I have found Shellie to be very helpful when I have asked for assistance. Her...

16 Aug 2017

Most satisfactory

15 Aug 2017


14 Aug 2017

Shellie has been very proactive and responsible in vetting applicants for our property and following...

13 Aug 2017

Experience was fantastic with Baxton Real Estate. Would highly recommended friends and family in an...

12 Aug 2017


11 Aug 2017

Great experience. Very satisfied with Baxton Property Management.

10 Aug 2017


9 Aug 2017

John and I are very happy owners and we do not hesitate to give the...

9 Aug 2017

I very happy renting my house.  Information was given me in Chinese.  Ruth is very...

8 Aug 2017

Prompt with communication; prompt with payment of rental income; very useful new website and owner...

7 Aug 2017

I hadn't rented a property before so it was really great to deal with these...

7 Aug 2017

We had been searching for a more professional agency. One that had far better communication...

4 Aug 2017

They give a professional hands-on service. No request is too big for their proactive team...

4 Aug 2017

I was somewhat shocked that you interviewed me and only accepted two of my three...

29 Jul 2017

AWESOME EXPERIENCE - We have recently had the pleasure of renting a property with Baxton...

27 Jul 2017

Best in the business – they manage our portfolio very effectively. They have been the...

25 Jul 2017

I have had my investment property with Baxton Properties for just over 8 months now...

20 Jul 2017

We love and trust Baxton Property Management.  In our dealings, we have found them to...

18 Jul 2017

Outstanding service to owners. As valued clients, we find them to be friendly, prompt, efficient,...

15 Jul 2017

Kellee, you and your Baxton staff really deserve the positive accolades I have read on...

1 Jul 2017

These ladies are awesome.  they not only showed me some fantastic properties but they made...

29 Jun 2017

I’d say the 5-Gold Stars sums up your business. Well done!

28 Jun 2017

What a breath of fresh air!  I was previously with an agency where I felt...

26 Jun 2017

Not cheap, but the best never is.

26 Jun 2017

My husband and I are very impressed with your service. As owners it has been...

24 Jun 2017

Initially, I struggled to understand how you could justify your management fees, as they were...

21 Jun 2017

I have two properties managed by Baxton and I can't fault their professionalism, attention to...

18 Jun 2017

I didn’t think there could be much difference between the services offered from one property...

16 Jun 2017

We are delighted with the care and attention you provide us with respect to our...

12 Jun 2017

We are so excited to hear you are expanding your boutique management services Australia-wide. The...

11 Jun 2017

Dear Kellee & Staff, Rory and I wanted to express our sincere thanks for taking over...

4 Jun 2017

We first called on Baxton when we were struggling with a recalcitrant tenant. We needed...

4 Jun 2017

We have found Baxton to be very professional and helpful in managing our investment properties....

3 Jun 2017

Dear team Baxton, I appreciate you very much for taking such great care of my properties. I...

2 Jun 2017

I told you I give testimony if you win me over. Ok you win. That...

1 Jun 2017

The best agency ever!  They are so professional.  I couldn't recommend them high enough to...

1 Jun 2017

You will not find better property managers anywhere! I dreaded having to find an agent...

31 May 2017

A big thank you for doing a fantastic job with my rental property. You are...

31 May 2017

Superb! What a group of superstars. Professional, extremely knowledgeable and always straight to the point....

31 May 2017

I have always found you to be completely customer focused, in a matter of fact...

31 May 2017

Baxton Property Management’s service is superior to what I have received from other agents. Very...

31 May 2017

We could not be happier. Our properties have never been in better hands. Thank you...

31 May 2017

You are the very best in the business. We’ve had a few managers over the...

30 May 2017

I want to say a huge thank you for managing my property so very well.

30 May 2017

We were forced to change agencies when our previous property management company sold their business...

29 May 2017

Trustworthy, professional and great customer service. I Highly recommend Baxton Property Management’s landlord services

28 May 2017

It’s really true! They look after our property as if it were their own. No hesitation in...

28 May 2017

Baxton has managed several properties for me and I have never had a minute’s problem. ...

27 May 2017

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