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Can I choose who rents my property?

Yes, you have complete control over this process at all times. We write the advertisement and complete the marketing campaign for the property, hold open homes, find and interview interested tenants and then process a short list of applicants your consideration.

We only present tenants who meet our strict selection criteria and we make sure that the property suits their desired location and is close to the features that are important to them. Meaning both parties have the best chance of being satisfied with the transaction.

Our process provides you will all the necessary information to make an informed accurate decision about who rents your property.

Best of all you have the final say!

How long will it take to find a tenant?

While we have among the lowest vacancy rates in Australia and a constant stream of tenants looking for homes as well as a database of prospective tenants, unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this question.

The time frame really depends on your local market conditions, when you decide to rent your property (Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn) and the price you’re prepared to accept.

However, the quality of the marketing material that’s created and the methods employed will have a direct impact on the amount of time needed to rent your property.

For every campaign we tailor the marketing materials and advertisement methods for your individual property. We don’t employ a one size fits all approach. This customisation ensures the very best tenant is attracted to your property at the very best price and lease terms possible.

What happens if my tenant doesn’t pay the rent?

If your tenant stops paying their rent then their lease will be terminated, no exceptions. In short, we make life very difficult for tenants, who continually miss paying their rent or stop paying their rent, via emails, texts, phone calls, letters, breaches and terminations.

Fortunately, we pay particular attention to choosing the right tenants from the start, with satisfactory rental history and personal and workplace references, to avoid problems like this happening.

We’re also set-up with a very comprehensive software system that allows tenants to pay their rent through a number of different methods: bank transfer, BPAY and direct debit which also provide reminders before the rent it due.

Which means remembering and paying the rent has never been easier, meaning no excuses!

Why is landlord insurance so important?

“Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.”

As the quote suggests, we heavily recommend getting landlord insurance for your property. For a minimal fee you and your property are protected in multiple ways. We’ve almost made it a compulsory policy for every client we manage. There is no legal requirement for landlord insurance but it very prudent to reduce your risk!

How do I make money from Depreciation?

Obtaining a depreciation schedule for your property and claiming the legal tax deductions from it may enhance your returns. We strongly suggest you obtain advice from your taxation advisor to understand the benefits of a depreciation schedule for your property.

Can I sell my property with a tenant in it?

Yes, you can sell your property with a tenant. There are various methods to achieve this effectively and we will work in conjunction with your selling agent to enable this process.

When will I receive my rental income?

As a company we complete our payment run at the end of every month, meaning you’ll get your rent into your nominated bank account on the last business day. Platinum clients can choose to receive their rental income twice per month, one at mid-month and the other at the end of the month.

What should my property rent for per week?

Knowing exactly what a property should rent for is a balance between science and art that is constantly changes (as the market is constantly changing).

Firstly, we have a proprietary software program that assesses many factors (for example comparable properties, location, median price etc.) and provides an indication of rental price. Secondly, we’re looking at rental properties every day, which gives us unique knowledge into what factors detract and add to the rental price of a property.

We’ll provide you with information on the factors affecting the price of your property and reasons for our pricing.

Why do I need professional photography for my property?

A picture is worth a thousand words. In our experience professional photographs make your property attractive to a larger tenant pool. Economically speaking, the laws of supply and demand enable us to ask a higher rent for your property, so that’s why we include professional photography FREE for you!

How often are inspections?

We keep a careful eye on your property to ensure your tenants are treating your property with respect. That’s why we conduct our first inspection 6 weeks after your tenant moves in. After that, we aim to inspect your property every 4 months. All your inspection reports are uploaded to your 24/7 owner portal within 24 hours of us conducting the inspection.

Should I consider pets for my property?

Allowing pet/s enable you to charge a higher rent for your premises and can make your property attractive to a larger tenant pool. However, some tenants are not as thoughtful as others. Baxton has strict criteria with respect to pet/s, including our Pet Agreement. Further, we obtain pet references from past landlords with respect to the pet/s being considered.

How do I comply with Smoke Alarm Legislation?

We outsource all smoke alarm compliance to our chosen industry professionals. They provide you discounted rates of service and can ensure smoke alarm compliance for each new tenancy agreement. They also provide required compliance certificates on an annual basis.

Is it easy to switch to Baxton?

Most definitely, when you’re ready to engage Baxton as your Asset Managers, we’ll take care of all the transfer red tape for you. So there is nothing for you to worry about.

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